All the leaves are brown……


    Yes, FINALLY fall is in the air! Those temps are coming down, the leaves are turning, and everything is just right. Now typically, in the fall, the Real Estate Market starts to slow down. With the craziness of school starting and the holidays creeping right around the corner, many people choose to hold off on buying and selling their home until the spring. This is all completely understandable but there is a HUGE opportunity being missed.

    The market is great right now. The interest rates are still at an all time low and best of all, for sellers, there is not very much to choose from. Because of all these factors, when a home is listed correctly, priced right, and in a great area, it will most likely be under contract in less than 12 hours. This is awesome. It takes away the waiting game and stress of whether or not your house will go under contract.

    Putting your house on the market is a very big deal and can be very stressful as well. Having to do this through the holidays can make it even more difficult. Below are just a few tips to keep in mind when listing your house during this time.

    1. Make your home seem warm and inviting. Throw blankets on the couch and have warmer color decorations throughout your home. No one likes getting a high electric or gas bill but, bump up the heat just a bit so it stays warm and cozy in your house. People will come in from the cold and tend to stay longer and really appreciate your house. Your home will stick out in their mind.

    2. Go easy with the holiday decorations. Most people love setting up their home with this decor (some love it so much they keep it all year around) but keep it on the lighter side so it is not overpowering. If there is too much, this can distract a buyer from looking at the actual home and have them focusing on the awesome little reindeer that you scored at T.J. Maxx on sale. The biggest plus about all of this is that it means there is way less to put up after the holidays are over!!!!

    3. Fall is my favorite time of year. I also love the smells of fall and the holidays, however, all the pumpkin spice and spruce pine overkill can send your buyers running. Keep in mind that not everyone can handle those smells and for some people, it can make them walk in and walk out within the same step if it is too powerful.

    4. If you have a full day of showing your house, set out a bit of coffee, cider, and sometimes a little something to eat. On those really cool days this goes a long way. Also, if the potential buyer has kids with them, you can bet money this will be the house they remember.

    If you are thinking about selling your house, give us a call 803-817-9655. We would love to answer any other questions that you might have. We have a full team of experts waiting to help you out. So kick back, relax, sip that coffee or pumpkin spice latte and lets get you moved!

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